Hello: I’m Katy, a mid-sixties grandmother with two children and six grand-kids and I love being outside and in the nude wherever it’s possible.

A couple years ago, after losing a bet to my cameraman; he started posting some pictures of me on Tumblr.  I really didn’t care for some of his choices so I took over the posting of my pictures.  Well, you all know where Tumblr went to… so recently, I decided to make my own “me-friendly” website.   This has been a real learning experience so please be patient as I learn what goes where and how it all connects. And, please feel free to give me suggestions on layout and content.

I need to maintain my anonymity so my pics are discreet.  Hope you understand and just enjoy me and the posts I do. Get naked, go outside, have fun! Thanks Katy

If you are an old friend from Tumblr, you know how I think and what I expect from a friend. As for new viewers and soon to be friends, I love compliments and you can even be critical of the cameraman (not me) but for goodness-sake, please be polite and respectful with your comments. Thanks for checking in and feel free to leave a message on this page. Thanks, Katy

PS: I understand if you are hesitant to leave a comment. If you prefer, just send me a message on Tumblr .  islandsurfandsun.tumblr.com

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  1. Your hands are so pretty, gently guiding the eye to your exquisitely Beautiful slit. It’s a stunning image of an incredibly attractive and sexy Lady Katy

  2. Hi Katy,

    The picture of you mid shave is such a turn on. Every picture of you is incredible though. Looks like I am going to be late for work as I go through more pics. 😍

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