Night sailing under red cockpit lights gives the picture a neat effect.
It’s about that moment!
For my friend Bob
Just for fun as well.
I know a lot of you like this view. And I enjoy my role as well.
Bonnie’s Breasts and WOW what nipples.
I pose like this for him and he tell me how cute my curled toes are. He can those pictures with my clothes on. Lol
Zucchini play
Soaped up for my shave.
Zucchini play
Checking our our toy before handing it over.
I just knew a warm-oil massage would end with me like this! I think I’m in for a surprise!
Tribbing his rubber woo-who.

VERY close-up
Hoping for a warm February like this was.
Straw hat series on the beach.
So, maybe posting pool, sunshine swimming and water pictures will convince Mother Nature that it’s time for a change.
Shaving=foreplay,   posing=foreplay,   picture taking=foreplay,   viewing my pictures=foreplay,   picking to post=foreplay,     posting=foreplay   and finally reading the responses= DEFINITELY (exciting) foreplay. THANK YOU followers. Katy
This one was blocked by T.
They tickle when they “pop” on you.
A neat flash picture at night on the Gulf.
My friend GK, I think she’s beautiful and impressed that she wants to post her pictures with me.
“I’m happy to see you”
New stuff for Posing.