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GK starts here.

My new friend, GK. A lady in her late sixties with a ZEST for life. Actually she and her husband are a team like me and mine and approached me to post her pictures. I love the fact that she (and he) want to share herself with the world, kindred souls. Please respond accordingly. Keep in touch, more pics to come.
GK, just lovely!
GK. She looks great in heels. Better her than me. Lol
GK: “a late sixties women that’s still on fire.” — Her cameraman. (pretty legs too.)
GK. “Youthful” Thank you GK for sharing yourself. Hope to see more of you soon. -Katy

45 Replies to “My Discreet Friends”

  1. It’s Sunday morning, I sure feel fine! Patriotic beauty with sexy smile and boat loads of toys. Sexy gun pics as well. Who is this lady? any more pics to come or another site? So nice to view Ms GK, Bonnie, Ms Tn Honey. Thanks and please keep the new pics rolling. Inquiring fans want to see! Joe

    1. Thank you Joe: Glad you enjoyed the gun pics and yes there will be more pics. It’s so erotic displaying myself and such a turn-on reading all the comments.

      1. I’m in total agreement with Joe… I know I definitely get a rise from seeing you and knowing that you’re getting one from showing off… Eagerly awaiting any new postings here or otherwise. Stay sexy, you…

    1. Hello Larry and Thank you for taking the time to let my husband and I know you enjoy seeing my exposure.
      Dena & Hubby

  2. WOW .. more of the lovely Dena and now GK too … you spoil us with your gorgeous friends Katy

    A happy moment when I saw the ‘Discreet Friends’ button … a very happy day.

    And Dena .. you and that hook …. My word that is sexy.


  3. Thank you young ladies. (if you did not know how old you are, how old would you be? that is why I call you “young ladies”) for sharing your beauty with me in my third thirty year term (60+ years old) LOL the Skipper.

  4. Lucky day as I just discovered there is a page 2 @ discreet friends! Ms GK, please post more pics. Bonnie and other ladies, just love your outdoor pics and pics of day to day living. Thanks for sharing and please continue to post.
    Most of all lets enjoy this awesome day!

  5. Such a sexy, desirable lady from our “boomer” generation. Just love your pics Ms GK; Please consider posting more as inquiring minds (like myself) want to see more of you. Enjoy a most amazing day!

  6. Wow another absolutely stunning lady …. beautiful …whom ever is taking the pictures i am well jealous trust me i wouldnt be taking pictures very long … would love to see her and Katy together ❤

  7. Thank you for sharing both of you are beautiful. Glad you have so much confidence and are comfortable in your own skin.

  8. GK thanks for sharing your sensual pics a beautiful woman for age . Please share more, really looking forward to appreciating your sexy poses.

  9. Welcome GK. Thank you and your husband for sharing your pictures with us. You’re beautiful, sexy, and hopefully as playful as Katy!

  10. Beautiful pictures very sexy lady! I’m have trouble finding your blog on mewe any suggestions. I’m new to the site, but looks very interesting. Thank you for any help you can give me.

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