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Just shaved 2
Just shaved 1
Getting a little sun, finally.
Sun is shining…out on the deck!!!
My retirement fund went up some today. Yeah! Maybe I won’t have to go back to work.
It’s getting cold outside so I’m getting finished or maybe ready, LOl
taking advantage of a brief ray of spring sunshine. (any playing with some masks)
Cooking in High-Heels. Right! only in a 1950’s Betty Crocker commercial
My tuft is lop-sided! My barber is not getting a tip!
Oh-Boy…Warm weekend, thank goodness.
Lace socks and checkered-chair day.
busy chair, fun chair.
Sorry: Re-posted these because I liked this series, shirt and it’s winter.
Good Morning
Found some more washing pictures.
No hurry to get up today
I got a great shave tonight,WAS SO SOFT…HAD TO PLAY. Lol
I think I got a chigger-bite. Lol
Playing with pearls and jeweled stick-ons.
Afternoon toast.
watching Saturday morning cartoons but where have all the good ones gone?
More jewelry-play.
A flash in the park.
Removed from Tumblr! I should have posted an aborted fetus! Such hypocrisy.
Not the biggest but all mine. Lol
Post shave curl
All done.
Fresh Shave with a curly tuft.
Next step, soaped-UP and soft.
warm and wet towel to soften things up before the shave…plus it feels awesome.
Playing with suits.
Good morning. Did not know I was a “mouth-breather” til now. lol
Pretty day. Trying to get a “complete” tan.
Closer… Water trickling all over me.
Water trickling all over me.
Night-time on the boat.
I’m luminescent. “giving off light due to heat” Lol
It moved. It (she) has really prickly feet. I like to think it’s a SHE. Lol!
Beach sun on my woo-who. Warm and exciting!
Talking about a “gentle touch”
Had to save this one. Too much fun.
Need a trim?
Freshly shaved.
Good Morning
Rated PG from my Tumblr page.
For my friend Steve.
Him and his fantasies! Lol
Optional us for my necklaces. Lol
cooled off…added a jacket.
You-Go Virginia patriots.
Winter long-jons!
Morning beach-sunshine in the “Best” sunshine!
…much needed SUNSHINE
VERY Clear underwater picture.
Checking out my site
…finished washing the tractor.
Total Shave last Summer
After a new shave…reminds me of one of those B-horror movie giant spiders about to eat two teenagers smooching on a deserted road. Lol. Have you seen it?
Now these are some roach-killers.
I’ve really let my petunias get leggy.
Dropped my keys…
Requested…picture without the tuft from last Summer.
I tried a neat filter on this picture. you like?
Post shave.
…another picture during the video
Pictures of the video. “Cecil” has cameras everywhere. Lol
Post shave picture. I have a video of my trim but it may be too big. If so, maybe the cameraman will edit it smaller.
Best of 2019
Best of 2019
…a favorite place, on the water.
On the water.
What I won’t do for some jewelry!
For my friend “Steve”
Well, I’m a little late or a-lot early with this one.
Very clear water.
It’s 2020 and I ain’t getting any younger so why not!
…Need some of this
I thought this was a pretty video…A little lotion for softer skin after a bath.

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and very playful videos. Katy….you are stunning and so very desirable!!

  2. Love the body stockings!! The “peek a boo” looks delicious. Love to join you two for lingerie shot. Karen and Brent

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