Happy New Year everyone.
Goodbye to 2020
Almost done
Stop number 3…out of the countryside now,
Cold day… Got to have a fire, boots and an all-female fur.
Cheers. Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone.
From my Tumblr page
Fall firelight.
warming my…self.
These views seem to be popular. Lol
I was caught rolling over in the sun.
Flashing the camera on the deck.
Selfie of my flower. Lol
I can’t help but laugh when he ask me to do some of these shots but…

Talking today about jewelry in pictures and I thought of this.
Taking a quick break while the kids are gone and chatting on T when I posted this pic. He asked me to be a little less shy so I had my cameraman shoot these while chatting.
My back’s against the [mirrored] wall
Taking a break while getting some sun on the deck.
…getting a little brown.
“The curl”
Fresh shave on the pool yesterday
Afternoon shade.
Not new but a new one to post.
Good Morning
You can’t tell from this picture, but it’s the last in the straw hat series.