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Trimmed but pre-tuft times
…have a great time but STAY out-a trouble tonight.
Video of me playing with jewelry while taking pictures of me playing with jewelry while taking… Wait, these iterations have to stop….
Champagne toast to you.
Still trying.
So much for drinking while trying to put the lights on the garland. Lol
Really blonde here, must be all the Christmas lights.
Cheers. 4-days till HO HO!
…light hitting my tuft, CUTE.
Much safer down on the floor than up on the ladder in these heels.
…looks like it’s frosted.
Trimming the tree in heels and on a ladder. EVERY year.
Keeping “my-self” warm while reading.
Reading Dickens
Starting off the season by baking and reading Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.
Christmas-time baking in high-heels. NOT!
Everyone: Have a great week.
White button-up dress and dancing.
Sorta have that “kick your butt” stance if you mess with me in this picture.
Not sure what I’m doing with my toes here but I do it ALL the time.
Dancing before the cold weather.
Are you done yet???
Playing in the Fall leaves
Sunny day today.
“Made in Greece” series. Posing in a little top I picked up in Mykonos.
It’s cold but I love to be barefooted.
Still Dancing.
Passed New-T
“Enjoying this”smile.

“Should I?” Smile.
“Teasing the camera” smile. Lol
I think they are coming down.
coming off or going on?
It was bad timing to let him shave my tuft off just before it snowed. I could have froze to death. Lol.

But really, I think the background in this picture is so pretty.
Another Summertime picture.
Living vicariously through warm weather pictures today.
Winter is here! I can’t believe posing out here was MY idea. Hot-tub, here I come!
I love these boots but I’m still VERY careful on steps.
Not sure if this goes on my page or “My Friends.” Charles has a thing for fruit…and me.

Good Monday Morning.
My new in-vis-a-line bra.
Who remembers: “Double your pleasure, double your fun with double-good, double good, double good… You remember, the twins?
So, you still insist on making rude comments???
More from the Fall sweater pictures.
Curl by the Fall’s firelight.
Funny how I’ll try to make this curl but…NOT…and then it just does it one night.
Fighting the Fall chill with a long sweater.
Tumblr blocked this one…
Beautiful Fall day. Sun’s out, so are snakes…can’t be too careful.
Good Morning everyone.
Perfect gloves for Halloween
Happy Halloween with my mask, what does this say about the artist.
Kicking off the underwear.

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Good Morning everyone.
I really need to dust that ceiling fan…
Thinking about the Fall and I had to share this picture Stephan made for me.
Playing in the fall leaves… (and daddy-long-leg spiders)
It’s fall and with this picture, I can’t help but think of the pretty girl’s scene in “Young Frankenstein” about rolling in the hay. Lol
My favorite Harley boots.
Found some new uses for dock-lines.
White-dress… dancing to the music.
I simply must start sleeping under the covers.
Just…totally relaxed.
This one may belong “On the water” all natural jewelry
Playing with more jewelry but NO piercings.
…same day with an added pay-day for me posing. I must say, he doesn’t expect something for nothing. lol.
Late afternoon nap.
Good Morning
I let my “tuft” get out-of-hand.
Playing with Dollar store stickers.
Still pulling up those little flowers.
Upskirt in a tennis skirt.
Pulling flowers that have taken over my landscaping. First year, “oh they’re so pretty” next year, “look how they are spreading” , next year they’re THE BLOB”

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34 Replies to “On the Land. hi-res pictures”

  1. The videos are so hot and erotic. I may need to go take some private time while I look at more. You are stunning and your sexuality is such a turn on.

  2. I hadn’t heard of your site until your latest post in Nudie News, so I took a look, expecting to be disappointed. How wrong I was! Wonderful pictures of outstanding beauty. I shall be back many times. Just one thing I find puzzling. Just over a year ago you replied to someone that you had been married for 47 years. I can’t believe it. You don’t look as if you’ve been around that long, let alone married.

  3. ….. es ist einfach unglaublich, Du strahlst eine dermaßen große natürliche sexuelle Lust aus dass man Dich einfach verwöhnen möchte bis Du ” explodierst “😍😍😍😍😍😍🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  4. Hello Katy, your pics are gorgeous .So much better compared to Tumblr and MeWe due to the lighter touch on blurring, you are a true beauty thank you for sharing always makes my day .

  5. Katy, your site is great. The artistry of your photos have gotten better and better. I love the holiday pictures. Above all you are as beautiful as ever. Ever thought of turning your “tuft” into a heart?

  6. Love you being tied up and the cooking naked i love. I cook naked to. You pussy is so pretty. nit trying to be bad, but it really is nice.

  7. Like i said you are amazing and so lovely to look at, the chair picture with the white shoes on is so nice, my best and the mirror shot was great too. Thanks

  8. Lovely as always. Dropped off tumblr but I will still come by to see the classy people one here.
    Hope you are well, you look great.

  9. I love visiting your site . I get to see you as you like to be. Uncensored and real, showing your amazing beauty as you choose!

    1. Hi There: Thank you but I’m not sure I’m getting many visitors because I don’t hear back from many like this so Thanks Again.


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