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Weightless in the water.
Sunshine and Bay time. Miss it!
Getting a trim on the pool’s edge and of course he gets romantic.
Giving the cameraman a sneak-peek on the beach.
…and moves up
… shifting focus, starts low
Again, upon my toes! Yep, totally natural (if your are a ballerina) Lol
My on-going struggle with heels. What I do to make him happy.
Sunset over the Gulf
On the bay.
My geography lesson for today: hills and valleys. As long as it’s not math! Lol
More hat patterns.
The only way to sail.
Anchoring for the night and of course he wants picture of me on my toes like sure; I’m going to be on the bow of the boat, in the ocean, at night…on my tip-toes. Lol
Multi-tasking; checking my website, posing too, getting my cameraman excited while enjoying the bay. Yep, that’s multi-tasking.
Great light pattern from the hat.
Love the shadow-patterns hats like these make. I’ve seen some really neat ones on Tumblr before…I need a better hat!
Found one!
Now this is some BRIGHT sun. Love it.
The only way to take a ride. The wind rushing over you is like a million gentle hands caressing you.
…who knows what lurks beneath…”the Shadow knows”
Oh how I love the shallows of the Gulf. Clear and warm waters are so exciting.
Pool and awesome flowers… oh, and me.
Just can’t beat the Gulf weather…until now!!!
…about to go on-the-hunt.
Out for a cruise on the bay.
Can you believe anyone can be so determined to find shells. Lol
That’s a long step down to the beach. Better sit and scoot off.
Something about this time… I remember this time on the bay… makes me just love it.
I don’t share many like this one.
He asked, so since he was good-enough to shave me close with NO cuts in the pool I let him take a special picture…AGAIN.
Trying to get al little sun today so DO NOT DISTURB.
. Thousands of shells collected and still going…or it might just be an excuse to beach- comb naked. Lol
Doing my pull-ups…NOT.
Found a treasure. a good conversation piece on the coffee table; “what the heck is that?”
Who is that watching me over there?
“Sittin on the Dock of the Bay”

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  1. What great pictures! My wife and I spend most of our summer weekends on the water and love taking pictures as well. Keep up the great work. We think tour very sexy😊


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