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Straw hat…again
Blissful Moment
This version was blocked by T so I’m adding a sea shell.
I see those crepe myrtle blooms in the background. Pretty trees but a hassle around the pool.
Crepe myrtle blooms are falling in the pool so I thought: “this will be okay with New-T” but it was blocked. It must be my conservative posts that labeled me a proud American and and such, I’m blocked
Pool time again
The only way to stay outside… even without the float helping lift, fat boobs float. Lol.
Final touches. All-done.
I’m thinking???
Legs-up. Shaving position.
Just finished shaving.
Pool time after the shave.
Shaving by the pool.
Shooting in nudist camp camo. Lol
Black lace and pearls.
Don’t know who’s blog I’m watching on Tumblr but it was exciting. LOL
Highlighted in the shadow
Sexy shoes.
Good Morning
Post trimmed.
Just a peak and NO, I’m not peeing in the cup…Lol
I just love green.
More pool time.
This is a neat picture and fun doing it.
A friend added the dots to my underwater picture, it’s little dolphins
Go pro underwater. I must hand it to my cameraman, he keeps a sparkling clear pool too. Lol
Sorta like being weightless.
Sunning after the shave…continued.
Sunning after the shave.
Checking my “tufts” length.
who am I chatting with here?

16 Replies to “It’s 2020 – Page-2”

  1. Wow! So many amazing photos and far too many to choose a favourite. The shower scenes , the aerial view of you swimming , you in white , you in black , you with nothing on!! Just wow wow wow . Absolutely gorgeous 😍

  2. Hi gorgeous how are you doing.
    Hope your well and coping with the restrictions at the moment.
    Pics look fantastic.

  3. Always a joy coming here; taking a few moments away from work… relaxes the mind. Beautiful place to recalibrate peace.

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